UNISONDETUNE is a music project started in 2009 by Tommaso Michelini and Valerio Cambareri, both based in Bologna.

The duo, initially inspired by 80’s synth pop, began to explore different kinds of music and developed its own electronic style, which can be found on their first album “Futurism”, released in 2011.

The first single, Blood&Beat, inspired several remixes and got some radio airplay. For the second darker track entitled Brave, the duo decided to shoot a completely self-produced videoclip, that was featured in the Gender Bender Festival.

In 2012 the two produced the original soundtrack of “Undefeated”, a sophisticated reworking of medical archival material, for which they created an original soundtrack. They also realized music for commercials and fashion clips for MSGM and models.com as well as for social advertising.

After a period of live performances and collaborations, in 2018 they released “Luna”, an EP conceived as a journey in the rare and melancholic atmosphere of the night and in 2020 they’re up to release the new single “The Kindness of Strangers”.